Catherine Review

Catherine , this brand new Atlus high definition game is different from the all Atlus games that i’ve ever played. In time when gaming these days are all about shooting, action adventure, rpg, etc, Catherine is just like a fresh air for us gamers. With romance, horror, puzzle, platformer as it’s main theme, Catherine attracted much interest. Derived from the same developer team with a series of Persona in Playstation 2, Catherine was completely different, seriously, this game really is something. How in the oblivion, those who worked on Persona 3, Persona 4 ( those games are J-RPG right? ) can make a different game like this, just play it and you’ll know.

You will play as Vincent Brook, a man aged around 30 ( it is 32 if i am not mistaken, and just FYI, this Vincent Brook , had a cameo in P3P ( Persona 3 Portable ), you can check for yourself in Club Escapade at night), who has a girlfriend named Katherine, a serious good looking career woman long hair with glasses. Katherine wants Vincent to be serious  with their relationship that has already been 5 years, well obviously she wants Vincent to marry her though because of… sorry that’s a spoiler. Vincent who still hesitate, still want to be free, and free from chains called “marriage”, instead meet with Catherine , a nasty seducing blonde bitc- imean woman in a pub “stray sheep” where Vincent is usually hangout with his friends, and yea he is finally having an affair with Catherine, even though deep down his heart felt guilt but alas.

Recently Vincent having a nightmare, about men that is cheated his girlfriend. In his drem there’s a lot of sheep men, and they must climbing a box if want to survive, because if you fall and die here you also die in reality, and yes this climbing thing is the puzzle game, the very aspect of this game. The puzzle is hard, no, i mean it is really hard, there’s a time when i stuck at a level and i just feel want to throw my controller at tv like a game that i’ve been played before. You got to think creative and fast, but careful also. Just simple pushing pulling and hanging into boxes but one mistake and you’ll ruin all of your effort. And it’s not just plain boxes, there is also a trap boxes, which if you step on it, it blasted,  and so on.

When you’re not climbing boxes, you’re either watching cutscenes or lounging at the Stray Sheep bar. There, you can talk to your friends, the waitress, the bartender, etc. In addition to interacting with people, at the bar Vincent can also play mini games, one is Rapunzel, what its gameplay is also climbing tower box like the one in the nightmare. Another important aspect is the cell phone, while at the bar Vincent will receive messages or a phone call from Katherine and Catherine, there will be “good or bad meter” depends on our response to those messages or call ( this “good or bad meter” is vital for the endings change ).

The graphic is cell shaded , very nice. It has its own artistic side. To be honest, if there will be Persona 5 with this kind of graphic, it would be awesome in my opinion, hahaha.

The voice acting is nice, though it’s an english dub but it is not half assed, very nice. Atlus never fail me if it comes to english dub, even though the lipsync is kinda odd. But it make sense because this is cell shaded graphic, so it is really need a hard work to match the lipsync with actual voice, except if they use a face motion scan technology.

Catherine is a great game, the story is flawless, a lot of twist , and a lot of endings, there’s 8 total of endings, and its just not only different text with the same scene, it really is different.

At last this game is worth your time, worth your money, worth to buy, and worth to get the paltinum or 100% achievement hell out of it.

Graphic: Using cell shaded technology, and nice animation. Also great artwork, very nice Soejima-San. 8.5/10

Sound: Awesome soundtracks, splendid english dub. As usual, nice job from Shoji Meguro. 9/10

Gameplay: Surprisingly hard pushing pulling hanging boxes puzzle. 8/10

Presentation: Very nice anime like mature drama. 8.6/10

Overall 8.5


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