Dead or Alive 5 Alpha Demo First Impression

First thing first, I must say that I am not really into fighting genre like the hardcore players do. I’m not expert at delivering deathly combo or juggling the opponent into impending doom.  No I’m not. But I can say, that for me as a gamer, I find fighting games is quite enjoyable experience and find myself play it from time to time. Especially 3D based- game like Tekken, Soul Calibur, and of course Dead or Alive. Having a great time with Dead or Alive 4, when Team Ninja announce the new-addition to the franchise, Dead or Alive 5, I can’t help but to join the hype train.

So, here I am playing the Alpha demo of Dead or Alive. First thing I notice is how limited the demo is. When I say limited, I really mean it. There are only two thing you can do with it, change the game option, which is also not fully unlocked as you can only change several thing but not all of them, or playing Versus match, which is 1 player vs. 1 player type of fight. Well, given the demo’s size is actually just 300-400 Mb, it’s only make sense to not ask for more.

So after I change the game option so I can fight longer, because the lack of training mode, and changing the voice to Japanese, I go straight to Versus match. There are 4 characters waiting for me to pick : Hayabusa, Ayane, Hayate, and Hitomi, with two selectable costumes for each. I heard on some site that there’s indication of 6 costumes in the data file, well, I can only hope that it will be included on final game and not some Day 1 DLC.

If you’re playing previous Dead or Alive, you will find the system quite familiar. There are the punch button, kick button, counter button and, and hold button, you can use to kick some asses like you always do. However, there’s new mechanic called “Power Blow” which can be active by holding the RB/R1 button. If the move connect, you’ll find you character performing some slow –motion cinematic move. And at the penultimate of the move you can choose which side you going to knockdown the opponent. This is where the stage comes into play. Depending on where you knock the opponent you might give her extra damage, or alter the stage. In the stage that included in the demo, which is also the only stage available, my Ayane knock Hitomi into some generator or some kind and the stage become chaotic. With so much happening in the background, I find it quite impressive for a fighting game. You can also knock the opponent into lower part of the stage if you knock her in certain position. Which then bring you to another cinematic, as you can choose to kick her or throw her down.

Ah, if you’re wondering with the new art direction DOA franchise take, I can tell you its still DOA we know and love, only prettier. The character model is vastly improved. The women look more like women and less like Real dolls. And I’ll be honest here, I really digging Ayane looks on DOA5. I really was. And there are minor details here and there that add up the realistic looks. Like, if you fight long enough you character will be covered in dirt. How about the famous breast jiggle? It’s still there, let’s just leave it at that.

If there’s one thing I don’t like is the AI.  It’s a joke as I can beat the computer easily without even trying. But then again, as this just a demo maybe Team Ninja turned it down the for evaluation purpose.

To conclude, It’s a good start.

I see so much potential in this Demo. Let’s just hope the final game will live up to the hype and not suffer the same sad fate like Team Ninja recently released action game.  I’ll be either playing best DOA to date or watch it crash.


  • Impressive Visual and Art Direction
  • More stage interactivity
  • Ayane

  • Limited feature
  • Lack of Kasumi

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