WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Part 1-

The first time i saw this kit, was back then when i came over to my friend’s house. And i saw ARF standing in his shelve looking mighty, it looks like a samurai and just wow, it is so unorthodox ( the hell, a gundam wields katana ? o_0 ). Soo different from all the gundam that i’ve ever seen. And last week i had a chance, money to pick this gunpla, so here we go.

The boxart. Gundam astray red frame kai is piloted by Lowe Guele, a natural from Junk Guild member, in the MS Gundam Seed Astray series.

I haven’t read the manga yet, so i don’t relly know how or why this prototype MS from Orb country got so many varian.

This kit sold for 5000 japanese yen.

Some information about this kit, marking, figure etc, i can’t read japanese lol.
As usual this MG come with marking seal, a dry transfer decal and foil sticker.

Another information about gunpla on the back of the box.

The manual.

A bunch of runners. There are 28 runners in total including the katanas and beam effect.
Oh, and a free action base 2, yay.

The katanas, Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce. The main reason i bought this MG ARF over the blue frame one. It is shiny if you put it in direct sunlight or have a nice lighting set, unfortunately i don’t, harhar.

The Tiger Pierce. Cool isn’t it?

The Gerbera Straight. Full of awesomeness.

The gold colored parts for katanas’s sheath. It is cheap pukey gold and not plated, what a let down.
Maybe i’ll paint with a gold gundam marker later, or spray it with gold tamiya spray can ( i’ve already ordered some tamiya spray but haven’t arrived yet ).

I am currently building the body unit, it’s fun and challenging. It has a lot of small parts and panel lining oportunity. See you in the next part.

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