WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Part 2-

Finished the body unit. It was really fun build, especially the inner frame, magnificent. The concept of this MS itself is awesome, exposing a lots of inner frame. The armors are just “decoration” that add the aesthetic value of this Gundam if i should say. The engineering of this kit is good too, Bandai did a job well done to hide the nub marks, and i didn’t even need to sanding the nubs to get the result that i desired. Kudos Bandai, and me hahaha.

The cockpit with Lowe sitting there, i didn’t paint the figure, because i can’t, lol. It requires a precise and detailed work to paint the figure.

The shoulder part, i believe.

Some lining oportunity.

Panel lined.

Panel lined.

For the panel lining, mainly i use a Rotring Pen. I use a gundam marker too but the Rotring is better for a detailed work.

Rotring Pen 0.2

It has nice small tip, better than the gundam marker for panel lining. I tried a panel line wash technique before but fail X-D.

Look at the detail 0_o.

I gave some detailing there. Painted the pipes with gold gundam marker, using a pointed brush, and silver at the tip of the pipes. Still a mess though, haven’t cleaned it up yet.

Back of the body. Really nice detail, give a slender and muscular looks.

Cleaned it up a bit.

Not really that clean isn’t it? X-D.

The pipe looking thing in the both side of the body.

Cockpit hatch open.

Cockpit hatch closed.

Got to use the foil sticker for that red thing on the chest, tried to paint it with red gundam marker but fail miserably. Damn T_T.

Putting on some decals. And top coated with Mr Hobby flat matt.

The neck parts.

Did some panel lining there, nice result.

That white part in there is painted, it actually red color. Forgot to take a picture before it painted.

A closer look.

Add a panel lining.

Closer look, again.

Top coated.

While i painting the neck part, i thought that might as well paint the fingers. The fingers came with only solid red color, so i decided to give it more realistic look.

The shining fingers.

Cleaned up some excess paint, and panel lined.

The backpack, or not. It’s a part to hold the Tactical Arm when mounted in the back of ARF.


I’ll do the head unit next, maybe. See you in the next part~.


2 thoughts on “WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Part 2-

  1. oh oh oh!!! I’ve always wanted this kit!!! but it always gets out of the stock when I plan to buy.. T_T He does have great detail! Nice work with the paint! keep it up! I’ll be looking forward to the final product! =3 I’m betting you like red/pink color theme mobile suits too? :D

    • Hahaha. You should get this if had a chance, i highly recommend this kit, awesome engineering, cool looking, a big ass sword, and two shiny katanas, what else…
      Not in particularly, but i do love a unique MS color and design. This ARF, Aegis, Sinanju, oh and Epyon, awesome.

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