WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Part 3-

The head and arms unit are finished! Yay. And my tamiya spray had arrived so i painted the gold parts for katans too.

Tamiya gold spray, and white surfacer primer. I ordered the silver spray too just incase i want to mod something, forgot to take the pic though.

Let’s save the katanas for later, and here are the head and arms unit.

Forgot these two. The armer for side vent like of the head.

The clear parts. It’s clear green actually, one for the eyes, and one for the atop of the head.

The foil sticker. Those two red that missing are for the chest, and the rest are for eyes and cameras.

The eyes, i didn’t paint it. I always use foil sticker for the eyes.

The back part of the head. Some kind of vent i guess.

The mouth piece/armor.

So far so good…

Upper part of the head. Didn’t use the foil sticker for the camera, i decided just to leave it like that. It has a nice detail so it’s kinda shame to put a sticker on that.

Looking sharp.

With V-fin. The V-fin is kinda loose and wobble every time i touch it, so i used a bit of tamiya thin cement, just a little bit, don’t add to much or it will smear.

And the head done, now move into arms unit. First thing first, the hands.

I already painted the fingers, so what’s left for it was to be assembled.

It’s embarrassing. Look at the mess, painting the fingers were sure pain in the ass XD.

Oh, and it does have a peg manipulator. Yay.

The shoulder joints.

A back part of the shoulder.

A little bit detailing there, painted the pipe with gold and silver in the tip. And some panel lining.

Shoulder parts. Pretty straight forward, nothing fancy.

The inner frame.

With armor.


With decals, it’s dry transfer decal. I put the decals wherever i want, if you follow the instruction manual, the decals placement are absurd. It’s on a tight space and uneven surfaces, so much pain.

The arm parts.


Oh the nubmarks.

Panel lining. In this case, i used the black real touch marker. http://www.hlj.com/product/GNZGMS113
I just drew it along the line, and clean with cotton swab. It is water based so don’t worry if you messed up, it’s easy to clean.

Yes, this is the inner frame. Doesn’t looks like a usual inner frame right?

Applied the decals, panel lined, and top coated. That black panel line is really stand out, maybe i should consider to use the grey one instead of black in the future. Well, actually for the white part you SHOULD panel lined with grey, but i kinda experimenting right now so, nevermind.

Yup, next time, grey that is.

Both arms.

And done.

Kinda busy this week, with college stuff. For next the lower unit, waist, legs and feet. It will take longer maybe. Thanks for reading, seeya in the next part.

7 thoughts on “WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Part 3-

  1. Nice review, mate!! XD ( all 3 of’em!), I enjoyed it very much! :D nah, nonsense, you did a GREAT job on the coloring and lining of this gunpla! XD nice job on the photo shoot btw, you really captured the Gundam’s essence! Overall, a nice review, and I hope to be hearing from you soon!

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