D-Arts Izanagi Persona 4 Review

I am kinda lazy right now, and haven’t finished my MG ARF too, drat. So i did some photo shot on my D-Arts Izanagi, might as well write a review about it. D-Arts is a new line up in Bandai Tamashii Nations, CMIIW, i just got into action figures not that long ago so i don’t know much about this world and what is going on.

My very first D-Arts, Izanagi, from Persona 4 game and anime. Personally i prefer the game than the anime, the game is so much better, lucky for those who have played the game ( me included hehe ), a masterpiece.

Izanagi is the main chara ( Seita Souji in the game, Yu Narukami in the anime. I don’t know why they should change the name of the protag here ) first persona. He is first summoned when the MC first encounters the Shadows.

One of the ancient gods who existed before Japan was formed. He created the Ouyashima from chaos, then gave birth to countless children and laid the foundation of soil and nature.“— Persona 4 Compendium Info.

Front view of the box.

Rear view of the box.

Side view.

Another side view.

Top view.

And bottom view.

A shadow themed action base is included, due to its ridiculous feet design, izanagi can’t stand on its own.

Look at his feet. A blade shaped, ridiculous design, yeah it looks stylish and cool but still…

Effect parts are included too, how generous of Bandai. One for the weapon and one for a… dunno… for a, when the MC summoning Izanagi maybe…

Six hands in total, 3 pairs. One pair closed hand, one pair open, and one pair half open.

Izanagi’s blade, or a spear. Wait, is it blade or spear?

Nice detail.

MC: “Izanagi…!!!”

He is handsome. Very nice detail and sculpt, very accurate too, don’t have any complain here.

Izanagi: “Bow before me you imbecile…” or something like that…

Izanagi: “Zio!”
*imagine izanagi attacks his foe with lightning bolt.


They need to be more careful painting this.

That blade’s effect part is a little bit heavy, just a little bit.

This D-Arts Izanagi has a good articulation, so far i don’t have major problems posing this the way i want. One thing to note though, that cape made from a soft plastic/rubber kind of thing, it hinder the feet movement, but still acceptable.

The joints are good, not too tight and not too loose. Some people complain about the joints are loose, but mine doesn’t, guess it’s a manufacturer error.

Izanagi: “Blade of fury!”


Izanagi: “Primal force!”

Well that’s it. It is a good action figure, very recommended for all persona fans. The next D-Arts personas are Thanatos from Persona 3 and Konohana Sakuya from Persona 4, can’t wait for them.

5 thoughts on “D-Arts Izanagi Persona 4 Review

  1. I’d pick the game over the anime any day. xD if only they used the original characters in the animation id be more inclined to watchit. searching for the truth is more fun than just being told what it is (for me lol). hearing people’s inner thoughts you shouldnt be hearing… how fun :=3

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