WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Final Part-

Finally managaed to save some free time and finish this kit, huzzah. It takes longer than i expected, man, and there’s final too next month, what a drag. Anyway here is the WIP.

The feet, straight built, nothing fancy here.

The waist parts.

The skirts are small, which is good for the legs’s mobility.

The leg. That big red chunk there is the inner frame. Yup basically, this MS is just a whole inner frame covered in small pieces of armor.

Ankle guard.

When i built the leg, i just realized that i’ve already run out of top coat. FYI i use Mr. Hobby Top Coat Flat Matt. Then i went to my local hobby store to bought some, and unfortunately it sold out, drat. They only had Mr. Hobby Super Clear Flat at the moment. Well i didn’t have much of a choice so i bought it eventually.

That’s the Mr. Hobby Top Coat. 100ml.

And this is the Mr. Hobby Super Clear. 170ml.

Mr. Hobby Top Coat is acrylic based while Mr. Hobby Super Clear is lacquer based. For the result, it look almost the same, sprayed in unpainted bare plastic kit. But i don’t know, i have a bad eyesight so i can’t really tell the difference, you should try it for yourself, hehe. And oh lordy, forgot to take a pic for a comparison too, sorry.

And now the weapons…

These are the crap colored gold parts for the katanas, so i decided to paint it with gold tamiya spray, TS-21.

First, priming.

Then, spray the gold.
Spray it little by little, layer per layer. Don’t spray too much or it could lead to bubble.

The sheath parts.

The nubmarks on the blade are awful really.


Those are parts for mounting the katana on the hip of the MS.

The Tactical Arms IIL.

Tactical Arms IIL.

Thruster parts.

A sword that has thruster, epic.

Parts for the Beam Torch.

Beam Torch. What’s with the name anyway? Beam torch? Because Beam rifle is too mainstream.

Done with the Tactical Arms IIL.
This sword is big, i mean really big. Heck even bigger than the MS itself.

Look at the size…

Yey, it’s done. Finally. This kit is awesome, nice articulation, it can pull some ridiculous poses if you have the will to do it. The best thing about this gunpla is, that most of the runners are undergated. Yeah, so you don’t need to put a hard work sanding all of those ugly nub marks, a heaven for a OOB no paint builder like me.

The color scheme, i like it. Red with white armors here and there, its just fit nice and perfectly. I guess it’s a matter of preference regarding the color scheme. But yeah i love the color scheme in this one.

Now for some posing…

Close up look.

Takin’ a flight.

From another angle.

Chrouching position, no problem.

Charging to the enemy.

Now without a stand, no problem.

Arrow form.

A tonfa form? This is quite heavy.

A surfer mode. Lol. Ridiculous, but i’ve got to do it XD.

There’s no sorcery in this. Just need a little patience to balancing the whole thing.

It rather silly, but, oh well…

I had a great time playing with this kit, very articulated. Highly recommended.


7 thoughts on “WIP MG MBF-P02Kai Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai -Final Part-

  1. Impressive. I been wanted to have this kit long time ago. All the detail really impressive. Especially the chrome color katana.

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