Summer 2012 First Impression

Wew, It’s summer season already! First thing first, I must admit there’s many last season anime I haven’t finished watching. Oh you know, the kind of anime that didn’t make it to my watch list because of time allocation and several other reasons, but still interesting enough to earn the privileged to get “marathoned” later when it finished airing. I should be doing that, right? Instead, here I am, cannot resist the temptation and decided to take a peek at the summer shows. Sigh, can’t be helped, this season does have some promising titles, and I need to pick some for my new watch list, after all.

Binbougami ga!
First Impression: B +                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 10%
Funny Potential 60-80%
So, the story revolves around a 16-year-old girl named Sakura Ichiko, who leads a charmed life and is blessed with beauty, brains, and boobs. Unfortunately this fortune of her, without she even realized, sucking the fortune of people around him, and causing an unbalance to the world. And then, we have flat chested god of misfortune named Momiji who try to fix it, with the means of removing Ichiko’s over-fortune. It’s a silly show I guess, but entertaining. Well, at least the early episodes is quite funny for me. The director apparently has his hands on some Gintama episodes, so it looks like he knows what he’s doing. One thing that surprises me is that Sakura Ichiko is voiced by Hanazawa Kana. It’s surprising for me because I might not aware it is her if someone didn’t tell me about that. I have never a fan of her, sometimes I dislike her to be honest, so forgive my ignorance on her involvement on this show. That aside, it’s just I feel her works this time is kind of fresh and different. Well, I guess I found watching Hanazawa Kana voicing bitch full of fortune IS entertaining lol.
First Impression: D                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 0%
This anime just scream generic fantasy harem at my face. There’s nothing to write about the characters, really. I don’t really care about them. One thing worth nothing is that, this anime use element of mythology for the story. It could be a plus point. But I don’t know, I’ m not sure if it will be used in an interesting way. I mean, from what I have seen, the myth is there just to look cool and all, but actually there is no to little substance in there.
Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai
First Impression: E                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 0%
So our main MC met with a girl whose name is Lisara, a shinigami or something similar, and she needs energy. She then uses our MC as her temporary energy source. Apparently, our MC energy is his Ero spirit. I’m also getting High School DxD vibes from this so … eh, you know what to expect. There will be lots of fan service (or censor, depending on where you watch it). If you’re not into this kind of show it’s probably best to steer clear.
Dog Days S2
First Impression: C                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 1

zzz Potential  30%

The continuation of the Dog Days, our hero Cinque Izumi summoned back from the real world, this time bring along his real world friends, and yeah I’m already wagging my tail in anticipation! Actually, not really. I barely survived the first season to be honest. Would not expect too much for second season. I must admit that I had some of fun with the show, but it’s not that much to make me praise it more. Mediocre at best. Sure, second season can improve things, but I won’t hold my breath as it looks it’s still the same show I once watch. Still watching this but on low priority.
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita

First Impression: B-                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 40%
It’s a weird show, really. Depending on how you see it, this anime could look really brilliant or just really strange. There’s a lot of social commentary inside. Thought-provoking or not? It comes back with your compatibilitywith the show. As for me, I get the messages they want to deliver, but that’s that, nothing more. I think because the presentation itself is not good enough, but that’s me. And then, prepare for wickedly dark jokes, which personally I think is the real highlight of the show. If the future episodes bring more of that, then this could be much better. I’ll stay around and see where it goes.
First Impression:                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 1

Anime saving potential 39%
Yeah, It’s a comedy series where 5 cute girls just spend the entire time talking, in a single room. Talking, talking, and talking. From that alone, it is clear that this show is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for your information, this comes from the twisted mind of the creator of Sayonara Zetsubou-Sensei, which makes it kind of … unconventional. This anime is not afraid to laugh at itself and that’s good. It’s also a fresh take on “Cute girls do cute things” type of anime, which usually just using moe factor as selling point alone, but not with this one, because the talking actually interesting and funny. But be careful there, sometimes the jokes required some knowledge about japan to understand.
MUV-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse
First Impression: E+                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 3

Anime saving potential lol no
The fact that it’s an adaptation of eroge (which I have yet to play), and after seeing some images showing the girls wearing tight bodysuit which conveniently highlight a certain body part, I must admit that this anime surprised me because I never thought it wanted to try to be serious. Cool. I too will take this seriously. Unfortunately, trying is simply not enough. The presentation is lacking at … everything. I just can’t feel it. There’s this scene which I think intended to induce sympathy and all, but the direction was so poor that I ended up cringe and almost laughing at how bad the scene was. That’s one example. Also, the world building is a mess. Even the visual feels so outdated. I don’t know, I hope it will get better, but I have my doubt.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous
First Impression: B                                                                              Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 24%
Ah, Josei romance. The first episode was quite good, blending comedy, drama and slice-of-life altogether very well. The concept is kind of interesting with the love rival was already a ghost. So far, my only problem with this show is the pacing. Not saying it feels rushed or anything, because the flow actually kind of slow. It’s just there’s many events happened in one episode, some of it is done so quickly that I don’t have time to even appreciate the situation before things moves on. Nonetheless, the show has the potential and I think this is shaping up to be a good series.
Oda Nobuna no Yabou

First Impression: C +                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 2

Guilty Pleasure potential 70%
This anime takes place in the Sengoku era where our main character from modern times somehow ended up there. And like you may have already guessed, most of the historical figures are moe girls. The idea has been tried before, and none has producing something really good. But wait, this anime actually better than you think. It is not something I’d call brilliant or anything, but the visual is impressive and the writing is quite enjoyable. Of course, I’m not telling those just because Oda Nobuna looks HAWT, certainly not. What? Don’t believe me? It must be the girl?! Geez, just see it for yourself.
Sword Art Online
First Impression:                                                                             Episodes Viewed: 2

Anime saving potential 45%
It’s quite promising. The concept is that there’s this MMORPG called Sword Art Online, that the players will die in real life if they die in the game. You cannot log out, the only way out is to complete all 100 levels of the game. Remind me of .hack series, but I can see it’s going to be something different. Sure, I personally have slight problem with the way this anime keep the “suspension of disbelief” because there are some details left unexplained, like what happen outside the game and who’s taking care players body. But that is minor complaint though, I have to admit, so far it’s so entertaining. I can see why everyone said this was the big series to look out for the summer. Well, let see if the show continue lives up to the hype or not.
Tari Tari
First Impression: B-                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 3

Anime saving potential 15%
When it comes down to visual PA Works will never let you down. That’s also the case with this anime. The thing is, P.A. Works, even with the decent shows on their resume, hasn’t exactly produced something really awesome. Tari Tari , I don’t think it’s going be the one either. Despite being very watchable, there wasn’t in this show that really stood out. Of course, there’s still a good chance to improve itself in the upcoming episodes so won’t give up my hope yet.  Oh, and this is new show about several girls involved in a Chorus club formation, not a Hanasaku Iroha sequel, don’t let the similar art fool you!
First Impression: B-                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 1

Anime saving potential 20%
This anime tells the interpretation of 100 Poems, which we may know from the card-game Karuta (or you may know from recently aired anime Chihayafuru). Maybe you think it would be very boring, let alone the art which may not be your taste. But I say give it a try, at least one episode before you judge this show is not for you. The storytelling is pretty good, and because this is an anime, you’ll find entertainment value here anyway, it’s not like this is a documentary show or anything.
Yuri Yuru S2
First Impression: C +                                                                            Episodes Viewed: 2

Guilty Pleasure potential 70%
Yuru Yuri is back and you know what to expect. It’s about yuri. It’s the same as ever so if you like season 1, you’ll probably like this. I know this hardly qualified as great show, but I know I’m going to have some fun with this. Hey, is it wrong if I want to see more Akarin?


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