Ugh, I’m not at this. So let’s just say, to fill our free times, we decided to make this blog.

We love watching anime and playing video games, so expect to see that kind of post often here, whether it’s a review or just our thought on that. Of course, we may also post about everything else ^_^

Don’t make the title blog fool you, while named “Moe Manifesto” this blog is not about everything Moe. It’s just that we feel term Moe is used very closed with Anime and Japanese games. Can’t think any other name for some reason, so we simply named it Moe Manifesto.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Moe Manifesto…. or shall I say, “double M” XD cool name btw, it rhythms! (rhythmical names are cool, can’t argue with that! XD ) Btw, the name’s Amaruro, yorushku onegai-shimasu! :3 you interested in link exchange? I also love to watch anime and collect gunpla as well, not to mention about figma and nendos! In other words, I’m your average otaku :P! Oh, and one more thing, what should i call you? :D

    • Haha, the name’s just pop out of our mind and we just kinda “why not?” lol.
      Sure, added you to our blogroll.
      Just call me barklight, and my friend ekka4shiki, just call him ekka. There are 2 authors in here :D
      We both too, an otaku and anime addict.

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