Persona 3 FES

Rejoice for all Persona fans out there, because one of the best JRPG, Persona 3 FES, has came to PSN as a “PS2 Classic” last month. It cost you $ 9.99, it’s a real bargain, you can get this awesome JRPG for just $ 10.

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Tales of Graces F Review

The most anticipated tales series after vesperia finally got a localization. It is actually a port from Wii game, Tales of Graces, that yet be localized despite the game released back in 2009. With some tweak and new additional story, thus Tales of Graces F born.

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Dead or Alive 5 Alpha Demo First Impression

First thing first, I must say that I am not really into fighting genre like the hardcore players do. I’m not expert at delivering deathly combo or juggling the opponent into impending doom.  No I’m not. But I can say, that for me as a gamer, I find fighting games is quite enjoyable experience and find myself play it from time to time. Especially 3D based- game like Tekken, Soul Calibur, and of course Dead or Alive. Having a great time with Dead or Alive 4, when Team Ninja announce the new-addition to the franchise, Dead or Alive 5, I can’t help but to join the hype train.

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Catherine Review

Catherine , this brand new Atlus high definition game is different from the all Atlus games that i’ve ever played. In time when gaming these days are all about shooting, action adventure, rpg, etc, Catherine is just like a fresh air for us gamers. With romance, horror, puzzle, platformer as it’s main theme, Catherine attracted much interest. Derived from the same developer team with a series of Persona in Playstation 2, Catherine was completely different, seriously, this game really is something. How in the oblivion, those who worked on Persona 3, Persona 4 ( those games are J-RPG right? ) can make a different game like this, just play it and you’ll know.

You will play as Vincent Brook, a man aged around 30 ( it is 32 if i am not mistaken, and just FYI, this Vincent Brook , had a cameo in P3P ( Persona 3 Portable ), you can check for yourself in Club Escapade at night), who has a girlfriend named Katherine, a serious good looking career woman long hair with glasses. Katherine wants Vincent to be serious  with their relationship that has already been 5 years, well obviously she wants Vincent to marry her though because of… sorry that’s a spoiler. Vincent who still hesitate, still want to be free, and free from chains called “marriage”, instead meet with Catherine , a nasty seducing blonde bitc- imean woman in a pub “stray sheep” where Vincent is usually hangout with his friends, and yea he is finally having an affair with Catherine, even though deep down his heart felt guilt but alas.

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